Compass Summer 2012

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Compass Summer 2012

        An entire week of non-stop physics. I know for any physics major that sounds like heaven but for the vast majority or people that doesn’t sound very appealing. However, I think one of the best parts of Compass was that no matter how much we knew about physics when we showed we left learning not only more physics concepts but also loving physics at least a little more.

        Throughout the week, we learned about models for a slinky. Somehow, we learned about tension, forces, springs, gravity and collisions by simply dropping slinkys. It was definitely a challenging week including homework that may or may not have been impossible. However, as valuable as the problem sets were more importantly the summer program helped show us how to effectively design and execute experiments and collect data.

        Beyond just the academic part of Compass all of us were given the opportunity to explore what physicists are doing right now by visiting several Berkeley labs and the Lick Observatory. In addition, we were even given the opportunity to meet and get to know fellow physics, engineering, and computer science students.

        Compass allowed us to learn about models but also make connections in the physics community. I’m looking forward to continuing my time in Compass by taking the Physics 98 class with my friends from Compass Summer 2012.

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