2010 Compass Summer Program officially concluded

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This post is a little late:  the 2010 summer program was concluded last Saturday, 8/21.  Which,  in blog time, is like 10,000 years ago.  But I’m going to blog about it anyway, belatedly.

I feel lucky to have worked with the people who made this year’s summer program a success.  We had amazing teachers who were willing to experiment with a new classroom structure, students who, though hesitant at first, really embraced the model of groupwork based learning, and an exciting level of involvement from older Compass students.

For me, there were many highlights of the summer program: climbing above of the Berkeley fog to watch the Perseids meteor shower with students who had never seen the milky way, the water balloon fight at 7 in the morning, the trip to the Altamont Pass wind farm and stargazing on Mt Diablo, the Sunday night swing dance and mixer with the PREP students, seeing the students’ final presentations, and most of all, just getting to know 17  smart, lively, great people.

The program was concluded with a commencement ceremony, where we watched a picture slideshow of the 2 weeks, individually acknowledged each participant, teacher and organizer, and shared pizza and cake.  This is the first year we did some sort of semi-official commencement ceremony, and I think it was a nice way to conclude the summer program.

But just because the summer program is over, does not mean that the 17 students who did it are done with Compass- oh no, as we like to say, once a Compass student, always a Compass student.  There’s much more in store for them.  For the Fall, they’re taking Physics 98, a class designed for Compass students to learn about problem solving; they are matched up with mentors to provide them with advice and support throughout the academic year; there are Compass  lectures to help them learn about cutting edge research at Berkeley; office hours for tutoring;  and of course, opportunities to get involved with organizing Compass activities for the academic year and next year’s summer program….which is only 11.5 months away.

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