Compass and its participants have received a number of awards, including a prestigious award from the American Physical Society, the largest organization of physicists in the US.

APS Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education

Compass is the proud recipient of the American Physical Society’s 2012 Award for Improving Undergraduate Physics Education. This award “seeks to recognize physics departments and /or undergraduate-serving programs in physics that support best practices in education at the undergraduate level.”

Physics Department Student Service Award

  • 2014: Jacob Lynn
  • 2013: Joel Corbo, Dimitri Dounas-Frazer
  • 2012: Nicole Carlson, Geoffrey Iwata, Gina Quan, Anna Zaniewski
  • 2011: Alex Jacobsen
  • 2007: Badr Albanna, Hal Haggard, Angie Little

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award

  • 2013: David Gee, John Haberstroh, Katayun Kamdin, Jesse Livezey
  • 2010: Jacob Lynn, Josiah Schwab
  • 2009: Angie Little, Roger Mong, Josh Shiode
  • 2008: Aidin Fathalizadeh
  • 2007: Joel Corbo
  • 2006: Ben Geller, Tasos Papaioannou
  • 2005: Badr Albanna, Hal Haggard