Cal Day 2012

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Compass Project Cal Day Booth

Hi all!  Sorry this is a bit on the later side, but better late then never.  I am writing a blog post to reflect upon the successes of the Cal Day Booth that Marvin and I put on to attract incoming freshmen and inform people about what we do in Compass.

So I first got the idea to have  a booth for Compass for Cal Day during Parents Weekend.  My mother and I were talking about how amazing my experience has been at Cal since I became a part of the Compass Project even though originally I was reluctant to apply to the program.  To me, it was just another application to fill out and I had heard very little about the program.  To this day I am thankful I filled out the application.  But as I was reminiscing about the amazing week I had as part of the program, I began to realize that there may be others who also got the application to join the Compass project but did not fill it out because they were unsure about what this program really is viagra rapide.  That is when I decided that it is my duty as a current Compass student to inform incoming students about the amazing opportunities that arise out of the Compass Project.  I felt that having a booth at Cal Day is a great way to inform incoming freshman about the Compass Project so that they would be excited about joining it.

The first step to putting on the booth was to talk to the physics major advisor Claudia Trujillo.  Without the help of Ms. Trujillo, the Compass Cal Day booth would not have happened at all.  She gratiously secured a spot next to the Society of Physics Students and other Physics booths on Sproul Plaza.

The real work was done in April as Cal Day approached.  Thanks to the physics graduate students I was able to procure a plethora of beautiful Compass brochures as well as use the supplies in the Compass office.  Marvin and I made a pretty sign that was taped to the front of the booth and we used some of the advertizing props already in the Compass office.  In addition to having a merely informational booth we decided to have some activities at the booth including making oobleck and gak.

On April 21 we brought everything down from Foothill and set up the booth.  It looked lovely, and I am proud to say I was a part of the success of the table.  I’d like to thank Drew, Emma, and my foothill friends Jolie and Huda for helping carry all of the equipment down to Sproul Plaza from Foothill.

As the day wore on, the booth became increasingly popular.  People, both young and old, were drawn to the table.  Many people were interested in what the Compass Project is and most had never heard of it.  Youngsters enjoyed making oobleck and gak while incoming freshmen learned about the Summer Program and got the necessary information on how to apply.  I’d like to thank everyone who helped work the booth and clean up including Ayman, Emma, Drew, Celeste, Julia, Cansu, Rui, Salman, and Jenna.  If I am missing someone please let me know so he/she can be recognized.

Again I’d like to thank everyone who was part of the Compass Cal Day booth.  Without your time and dedication the booth would not have been as successful as it is.

As I finish up this post I look to the future to Cal Day 2013.  I hope that the Compass Project will be a part of the booths on Sproul Plaza so that more incoming freshman will be encouraged to apply to the project.  I also hope to be a part of the success of the Compass Cal Day 2013 booth and expand it so it will be even more successful.

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