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Pi Day! (High School Outreach)

Apr 20, 2012   //   by Jenna Pinkham   //   High School Outreach  //  1 Comment

(Back left) Jenna and Emma give a guided tour of hyperbolic space. (Front right) Pauldeep challenges student to a game of Nim.

In a nutshell, Pi Day was a group of Compass students preparing some fun math- and science-flavored hands-on activities to present to a group of high school students. We brought materials to build nifty gliders that look like they shouldn’t be able to fly but do, a worksheet filled with some unusual math problems that require a certain amount of creativity, and awesome demonstrations of spherical and hyperbolic spaces.

High School Outreach – Part 2

Dec 6, 2011   //   by Jenna Pinkham   //   Compass News, High School Outreach  //  2 Comments
Fall 2011 Shadow Day

Shadow Day lab tours. From left to right: Jenna Pinkham, Melina, Ariana, Mr. Towey, Dimitri Dounas-Frazer. Photo taken by Ana Aceves.

Introduction by Dimitri Dounas-Frazer

The Fall 2011 semester saw Compass delve into high school outreach for the first time. Compass partnered with the Making Waves Education Program for two events: (1) Shadow Day, where high school seniors followed Compass undergrads to their college classes, and (2) a  math fair called Radical Pi Day, which was described in an earlier post. This post will focus on Shadow Day.

High school outreach – Part 1

Dec 5, 2011   //   by Jenna Pinkham   //   Compass News, High School Outreach  //  1 Comment
Radical Monte Pi-thons

Radical Monte π-thons. Left to right: Drew Edelberg, Yongchan Kim, Ana Aceves, Salman Kahn, and Dimitri Dounas-Frazer. Not shown: Marvin Alcantara and Phillip Merlo.

Introduction by Dimitri Dounas-Frazer, grad student

Last summer, I was hanging out with a friend of mine, Armando Franco. Armando teaches math for the Making Waves Education Program, an after-school program that supports urban, low-income children on their path towards gaining acceptance to college. We started talking about working together, and he suggested that Compass might be able to help Making Waves with two projects: (1) taking high school juniors and seniors to college-level math and science classes, and (2) designing events for their fall math fair, called Radical Pi Day. In this post, I’d like to share with you how Compass participated in Radical Pi Day.