Compass and The Coalition

Apr 11, 2011   //   by JoshShiode   //   Compass News  //  No Comments

In a back room of Stephens Hall, the Coalition meets to discuss its programs.

“Was it worth the free cheeseboard?” It’s a question I’ve been asked over and over again: while leaving a two and a half hour budget meeting or after struggling with the tenth revision of our mission statement. It’s true, I was enticed by the free cheeseboard pizza at the info session in Spring 2010 and never would have guessed how Compass would change my course through graduate school and my life as a whole.

One of my favorites activities lately has been representing Compass on UC Berkeley’s Coalition for Excellence and Diversity in Mathematics, Science and Engineering. Every other week or so, I participate in meetings with people from across campus who represent all the great programs in science, math and engineering at UC Berkeley that strive to create the same supportive community that Compass works on every day. So today (though really it took me several weeks of revisions), I published a post on the Berkeley Science Review Blog, the first of a planned series, about the Coalition and my experience with them over the past few months. Our collaboration with this awesome group has informed so much of what we do in Compass already, and it will continue to bring rewards for a long time to come. So please, if you have a few minutes, give it a read!

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