Badr Albanna

Badr was born on March 10, 1982 in the Big Apple.  Astronomers recognize that on this day all nine planets were aligned on the same side of the sun – an event that happens every few hundred years.  However, most New Yorkers were oblivious to this event since it occurred outside the five boroughs.  After moving to a suburb of Washington, DC at the age of three, Badr spent the rest of his childhood studying with the Quakers and, during the summertime, wondering why anyone would build a city on a swamp.  At Quaker school he gained an appreciation for oatmeal (not actually Quaker), pacifism (Quaker), and Ultimate Frisbee (loved by Quakers and non-Quakers alike) all three of which he enjoys till this day.

At the age of eighteen, Badr moved to colder northern climates to attend college at Yale.  There he fell in love with physics among a number of other subjects including mathematics, history, politics, and – above all – pirates.  One thing he did not love was nine months of freezing cold weather, and so he decided to open the next chapter of his life in sunnier climates.

Carrying his love of physics and pirates westward, Badr began his PhD in Physics at Berkeley in 2004.  At Berkeley, he found an unexpected appreciation for many things Californian including tofu, biking, and the ever present “hella”. He also found that the only thing he loved more than studying Physics was teaching it, and he hopes to one day do so professionally.

Unfortunately, while his love of physics has found a home in the Bay Area, Badr pirate inclinations have been less fulfilled.  Since most of the other pirates in Oakland are busy playing football, Badr is actively in search of a pirate captain, first mate, navigator, deck hand, assistant deck hand, loot guard, and parrot in order to start a respectable crew.