Hal Haggard

Hal Haggard was born at the very civilized hour of 10:30 in the morning. The sixth of his father’s eight children, Haggard quickly came to appreciate the short time interval between dinner arriving at the table and all of the food having been eaten. At age eighteen, having grown weary of talk of crystal healing and alien sightings, Haggard fled his hometown Santa Fe and high school graduating class of nine. He arrived in the rain be soddened Portland in the thunderstorm covered state of Oregon in the magical region known as the Pacific Northwest, full of water. In addition to falling in love with physics at Reed, Haggard was thrilled by studying developmental biology, Shakespeare, and ordinary language philosophy.

After graduating he spent two years as the freshman physics lab Czar and enjoyed constructing innovative curriculum and purchasing a high-speed video camera. In recent years he has been exploring the geometrical connections between classical and quantum physics and is quite enthusiastic about the study of quantum theories of gravitation. He is fascinated by the prospect of taking physics seriously: do you believe that there’s no fixed notion of simultaneity, that particles only take positions probabilistically or that it’s possible that space and time might come in discrete chunks?