Punit Gandhi


currently Mentoring:
Harjit Singh

Punit was born in a suburb of Chicago, but made the arduous journey to
Oklahoma at the ripe age of three weeks. Ironically, it wasn’t until
eighteen years later when he left the heartland of America for the bitter
tundra known as upstate new york that he began to truly appreciate country
music. After graduating from college with a degree in applied and
engineering physics, he moved down to the big apple to teach middle school
in the Bronx. Two years and several rapper-inspired nicknames later, Mr.
Gandhi began to realize that he missed being on the other side of the

After a short detour across the country and around the globe, Punit found
himself studying physics in Berkeley where he is able to simultaneously
exist on both sides of the classroom. Unfortunately this will only last
until someone takes his measurement.