Past Donors

Compass would like to thank donors from our previous fundraising campaign (June 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012):

Benjamin Aleman
Salvatore Astorina
Kristin Beck (in honor of Nathaniel Roth)
BEC’s Bar and Bistro
Brian Cayne
Stephen Cenko
Michael Chang
Yiwen Cheng
Michael DeWeese
Laurie Dubin
Keith Forsyth
Suzette Gardner
Anna Goldstein
David Harden
John and Monica Hollenbeck
Mia Ihm
Geoffrey Iwata
Yukoh and Catarina Iwata
Alex Jacobsen
Therese Jones
Caroline Kane
Leroy and Ruth Kerth (in memory of Bradley Kerth)
Jessica Klarl
Aaron Lee
Mariana Levin
Jean Lim
Angela Little
Steven Little and Joyce Liden
Linde and Jeff Lynn (in honor of Jacob Lynn)
Timothy and Debbie Lynn
Maria Marsh
Ramon Martinez
Nicholas McConnell
The Medex Corporation
Allison Merritt
Katherine Milkman and Cullen H Blake
The Mint Leaf
Charles Mourad
Jeffrey Naeker
Matthew Noakes
Nicole Nunes
Cecilia Oyediran
Cinde and Steve Pettey (in honor of Jacob Lynn)
Jonathan Pober
Gina Quan
Sarah Quan (in honor of Gina Quan)
Allen Rabinovich
Manuel and Erica “Zoe” Reyes
Elizabeth Rookstool
Linda and Jonathan Roth (in honor of Nathaniel Roth)
Nathaniel Roth
Shiode Pyschotherapy, Inc.
Josh Shiode
Jeffrey Silverman
Linda Strubbe
Anne Takizawa
Denise and Mark Taylor
Michaela Villarreal
Peter Williams
Peter Woiwode and Emily Harris (in honor of Badr Albanna)
Deborah Zaniewski
Seth Zenz
Neil Zhang