Frontiers of Physics

Note: This course is not course is not currently offered

Frontiers of Physics is a DeCal course open to upper division undergraduates. It allows them the opportunity to engage in round table discussions with graduate students and faculty in the physics and astronomy departments in order to get an overview of active research areas in physics . The weekly one-and-a-half hour class covers a broad spectrum topics, from cosmology to biophysics. We aim to move away from a seminar-style introduction to research into a format that is more dynamic and accessible to students who don’t already have a lot of experience in these areas.

We hope that this course encourages more undergraduates to become involved in research that interests them earlier, which will help them to make more informed decisions about graduate school and the general trajectory of their careers in physics. We hope you join us!


Fall 2013, Spring 2014

Past Sessions:

Spring 2013