Teaching and Grad School

Aug 10, 2010   //   by Joel Corbo   //   Physics Education  //  3 Comments

This is a guest post that I wrote a few years ago for Cosmic Variance (an awesome physics blog that you should read!) about being a grad student who’s interested in teaching and some of the troubles with traditional physics education.  I decided to link to it rather than repost it here because there were a lot of great comments posted by readers that are worth reading.


  • Thanks for linking this. I enjoyed reading it, and just last week met with another graduate student in science who was going through the same thing.

  • Yes, thanks Joel for posting it. I hadn’t seen it before. It explains our motivations perfectly.

  • […] program and how they do and do not prepare students to become physicists (I’ll refer you to Joel’s earlier post for more on that).  Although we didn’t make it to his talk, we did get a chance to speak […]

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