Trip to the SSL

Aug 12, 2010   //   by Jacob   //   Summer Program 2010  //  No Comments

Just a quick update on yesterday’s trip to the SSL.

Not even the gloomy August weather could deter the Compass trip to the Space Sciences Laboratory this year! Having gone to the SSL when I was in the summer program, and loving it, I was super excited to lead this year’s students up there.

The bus ride up the Hill line was fairly uneventful, but provided some spectacular views (despite the weather) of the East Bay. Stuart Bale, lab director and professor extrodinaire greeted us at the lab and began with a short discussion about what the SSL is all about. I think it would be great if students interested in the stuff they do took his advice and look for the undergraduate posts up there in April.

The group then proceeded to go look at a couple labs around the facility. I, and it seems many of the students were very amused with seeing a large piece of space-borne equipment (I don’t remember what, exactly) being displayed in a coffin stripped of its outer casing.  We also were able to see the control center and some aquisition of data as a satellite flew over Wisconsin or some other non-California (and thus inconsequential) state.  Unfortunately we were not able to see one of the labs Professor Bale intended us to see.

Finally we got to go see the awesome view from the patio area of the lab, and managed to witness the fury of Berkeley August unleashing dark clouds like molted sheep suspiciously creeping about  the hills. And a great panoramic view moins cher viagra.

Hope everyone had fun.

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