Get Involved: Current Opportunities

Compass’s organizational structure is made up of four clusters, each of which is divided into teams responsible for a particular function of the cluster. In general, people who join a team commit to working on that team for a semester. If you are interested in getting involved with Compass leadership, take a look at the teams described below; if one (or more!) of them interest you, send us an email or just come to one of our Monday meetings (6-8 PM in 396 Le Conte).

Courses Cluster (Chair: John Haberstroh)

Physics 98 (Spring 2013)

(updated 08/27/13)
The Spring Compass 98 course focuses on how measurements inform model building. This is a discussion based, student driven course that builds off of the community the students built over the summer.

  • Size: 2 people (1 new grad student and 1 veteran Compass teacher)
  • Seeking: 1 volunteer (GSR offered in past, not guaranteed)
  • Commitment: ~4 hours/week leading up to the class; 10 hours per week during the semester
  • Team Leader:  Jesse Livezey

Programs Cluster (Chair: Jesse Livezey)

Lecture Series

This team is responsible for hosting the Compass lecture series each semester. They must recruit speakers, organize/advertise the lectures, setup on the day of the event, and videotape the lectures.

  • Size: 4 people (grads or ugrads)
  • Commitment: Planning during the Monday meetings and setup/cleanup on day of lecture.
  • Team Leader: Sydney Schreppler

Mentoring Events

This team is responsible for planning and facilitating the three Saturday mentoring events during each semester.

  • Size: 4 people (grads or ugrads)
  • Commitment: For each event, 2-3 Monday working meetings prior to event for planning/advertising and setup/facilitation on day of event.
  • Team Leader: Alex Anderson

Office Hours

Tutors are needed for the weekly Thursday evening office hours to discuss physics/math concepts with students and provide homework help for both lower and upper division courses.

  • Size: 12 grad students
  • Commitment: 1-3 hours every week or every other week throughout the semester.
  • Team Leader: David Gee


This team is responsible for organizing and participating in events that allow Compass to impact the larger campus and Bay Area community. In the past, they have participated in math fairs both on campus and at local high schools, set up science booths for community street fairs, and organized shadow days for high-schoolers interested in learning about the college experience.

  • Size: 4 people (grads or ugrads)
  • Commitment: Organize outreach opportunities and volunteer at the event.
  • Team Leader: Ayman Kamruddin and Michael Cole

External Cluster (Chair: )

General Grants

This permanent team is responsible for deciding which grants to apply for, when, and in what order.

  • Size: 1 person
  • Commitment: regularly attend Compass working meetings
  • Team Leader: Brad Barker

Specific Grants

These ad-hoc teams will make targeted grant proposals to specific grant-making agencies (non-profits, etc) and follow up with a full application if the letter of interest is accepted. Grant submissions are typically proofread and submitted by Maria Hjelm.

  • Size: 1-2 people
  • Commitment: approximately 10-40 hours of work for each grant; attendance at several Compass working meetings during writing process to strategize with External Cluster
  • Team Leader: Brad Barker

Alumni Outreach

This semi-permanent team is responsible for keeping track of students (during and after Berkeley), including demographics and contact information. In principle, this group should also send out an annual newsletter and organize meetings for Compass alumni, though this idea has been slow to get off the ground.

  • Size: 1 person
  • Commitment: irregular attendance at cloud meetings; more or less work depending on interest
  • Team Leader: Josiah Schwab, Nathan Roth

Support Cluster (Chair: Ana Aceves)

Design and Publicity

This team is responsible for designing things like lecture series posters, t-shirts, pamphlets, videos, and any other item used for publicity. Experience with editing software preferred.

  • Current Projects: Compass Summer Program promotional videos Fall 2013 lecture series poster
  • Size: 2-3 people (grad/undergrad)
  • Commitment: Varies depending on project completion
  • Team Leader: Kevin Gutowski


This team is responsible for planning, organizing, and advertising social events. This includes reserving rooms, purchasing any needed materials, set-up/clean-up.

  • Annual events: Halloween Potluck, Winter Holiday Party, End of Year Celebration/Graduation Party, and Poster Sessions (coordinate with Physics 98 courses)
  • Other ideas: game nights, hikes, movie nights, etc.
  • Size: 2-3 people (undergrads)
  • Commitment:~5 hours per event (planning & execution)
  • Team Leader:


This team is responsible for maintaining Compass’s web server, mailing lists, wiki, and website.

  • Size: 1-2 people
  • Commitment: Be on call for technical issues. Continuity requires several year commitment
  • Team Leader: Josiah Schwab

Blog and Other Social Media

The people on this team are responsible for ensuring new blog posts are made fairly regularly. This could include either blogging themselves or asking other people in Compass to blog based on chosen topics. This team is also responsible for updating Compass’s Twitter and Facebook feeds with links to new blog posts and any other articles about Compass that appear on the web.

  • Size: 1-2 people (grad/undergrad)
  • Commitment: ~1 hour per week
  • Team Leader: Ana Aceves

Office Space

This team is responsible for maintaining the Compass Office Room organized and more-or-less tidy for the proper use of members in Compass. This also requires keeping an inventory of what items are in the office or what supplies are in demand. Maintaing the access list updated is also required.

  • Size: 1-2 people (grad/undergrad)
  • Commitment: ~1 hour per week, can use time from Monday meetings
  • Team Leader: